How I Work.

Here are some fabulous love stories from my clients who custom-made their own jewellery for their loved ones. If you're interested in creating your own custom design pieces, please contact me to get started.

Three stone ring

Three Stone Anniversary Ring.

A very close friend of mine called me up and said that his 50th wedding anniversary was coming up. He had a whole bunch of great ideas, which of course I grabbed the ball and ran with. I then realized that his wife would prefer something that is timeless, classic and elegant but also functional (I always try to keep in mind what the wearer likes). So I created this three stone ring for them.

In this piece, the diamonds are set in white gold (typically you want to set your diamonds in white gold to make them white and bright!) and the shank is in yellow gold (she wears a lot of yellow gold too).


Three Strand Multi-Coloured Pearl Necklace.

For this piece, my customer wanted something fun and fresh, but that also "stood out". I brought out my hoards of pearls and started placing them out on my design board.

I love working with fresh water pearls because they are not perfect and come in all different shapes.


Other Works.

Here are some of the other custom works that I have completed in the past.


Ready For Your Next Special Occasion.

Whether it's an engagement, anniversary, gifts or just a casual special occasion, I am available to help you realize your dreams and create your own custom jewellery. Reach out to me and let's realize your dreams.